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2 Can
Pregnancy Insurance

With Demir Hayat 2 Can Pregnancy Insurance, purchasable even during pregnancy, and readily available in hundreds of network institutions, you can feel safe and assured during pregnancy, birth, and afterwards...

2 Can Pregnancy Insurance was built up with the needs of the mother and her baby in mind; before, during and after birth. With the coverage it provides, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of Complimentary Health Insurance coverage. In addition, without any waiting period, you can use birth insurance when you need it, in a contracted institution of your choosing. Also, with the outpatient coverage, you can have all your pre-birth examinations; ranging from psychological consultancy to dietitian sessions, eye treatment and dental care, just to make sure that as well as your baby, your health is in safe hands.
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Yatarak tedavi

Applicable in contracted institutions, Inpatient Treatment covers all inpatient treatment costs during the coverage period.1 2
Ayakta tedavi

Covers the routine control and treatments necessary during pregnancy; including, but not limited to, double/triple marker tests, thyroid tests, blood and urine tests.3
Limitsiz dogum teminati

The mother should be the one to decide where and how to give birth. Without any waiting period, Limitless Birth Coverage lets mothers pick the place they want to give birth (among contracted institutions), and the method of birth.4
Diyetisyen hizmeti

Gaining weight during pregnancy and not being able to loose it as easily is a common issue among mothers. Our dietitian service covers expert dietitian sessions aimed at both gaining weight in a more controlled manner during pregnancy, and loosing it easier and healthier after birth.5
Psikolojik danisman

Psychological health of the mother is quite important both for herself, and her baby during pregnancy & after birth. Our psychological consultancy coverage includes sessions with qualified psychologists and psychiatrists to help mothers cope with emotional changes during pregnancy and after birth.6
Dis muayenesi

Pregnancy can have a negative effect on women’s dental health. With our dental coverage, mothers will be able to benefit from examinations, tooth scans and plaque removal services, during and after pregnancy.7
Goz muayenesi

Eye health services cover the costs of the eye scans to be performed at the eye health institutions among the contracted network.8
Eve hemsire hizmeti

Experienced nurses will be visiting the mother and her new baby at home, providing the help and support the mother will be needing after the delivery.9
Bebegin ilk bakimi

2 Can Pregnancy Insurance; covers not only mother’s, but also baby needs too! The first doctor examination of the baby, the newborn vaccinations and the heel blood test, which should be done before leaving the hospital after birth, are also protected by 2 Can.

1. Inpatient treatment is available in contracted institutions,with a limit of 10,000 TL.
2. With an additional premium payment of 1.500 TL, you can include the complications of pregnancy miscarriage, miscarriage risk, preeclampsia that can occur during the pregnancy.
1. Inpatient treatment is available in contracted institutions,with a limit of 20,000 TL.
2. With an additional premium payment of 2.600 TL, you can include the complications of pregnancy miscarriage, miscarriage risk, preeclampsia that can occur during the pregnancy.
3. Outpatient treatment is limited to 8 times in a year, and available only during pregnancy. There are no limits on the costs of outpatient treatments.
4. Applicable without any cost limits in contracted institutions for vaginal delivery (natural and epidural) and C-Section. For an epidural C-Section, the insured will only have to pay the epidural medication cost.
5. Dietitian service is limited to 2 sessions in total, which can be used before and/or after birth.
6. Psychological consultancy is limited to 2 sessions in total, which can be used before and/or after birth.
7. Dental care is limited to 1 session, which can be used before or after birth.
8. Eye scan is limited to 1 session, which can be used before or after birth.
9. Nurse services are available only during the first month following the birth.
* There is a requirement to be under coverage of SGK to buy a policy. All additional services need to be booked in advance.

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